Bee Canyon Trail, Hemet CA

Bee Canyon Trail, Hemet CA


Bee Canyon Truck Trail, Hemet CA

Bee Canyon Truck OHV Trail is a 15.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail or can exit in Idyllwild. Driving in the direction of Lake Hemet, there is a village of small shops, restaurants/bar, and services. The trail is currently open as of May 2020 the trail head can be packed with truck/trailers as UTV/RZR's crowd the trail. Take caution on the trail it can be narrow to pass in some parts. The weekend I was there a unfortunate rider went off the side and perished while the passenger was air lifted out. 

The trial starts out dry and dusty, with several people firing firearms too close to the trail. It will be a little technical with switch backs up the mountain. After a while, it begins to decent into the forrest which is lush and green with running water crossings in 2 locations. I recommend taking your lunch break under the forrest canopy to shelter from the dust and sun.  

There are 2 Yellow Post sites with #1 large enough for 6 vehicles at least a fire pit and wood bench. However, there were plenty of mosquitos along the river so make sure to take your favorite repellent. The water runs close to this site and is nice clean ice melt water that is refreshing to rinse your hands and face with. 

Trail Head Coordinates: 

33.73699 -116.82473