TRANS-ANZA 2020 TRIP, 100mi of Dirt

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TRANS-ANZA 2020 TRIP, 100mi of Dirt

San Diego Overland/SDFJC - Trans-Anza 2020

Trans-Anza 2020 was a blast! We had the largest turn out yet! 28 rigs over 3 days across 100mi of desert terrain! We had all makes and models in the group! Everyone had their COMMS which made leading a convoy so large handle smoothly. Signaling the convey to exit off the fwy with 28 turn signals flashing at once for half a mile was impressive! 

Does Cabezas Water Tower Anza Borrego 
(First camp, Dos Cabezas Water Tower). 

Does Cabezas Water Tower Camp 

This shot was taken in the morning we pulled into camp around 9:30-10:00PM set up camp for the night near the water tower and train tracks. We had some German hikers we stumbled upon on arriving. Two of us walked over and introduced the group to them and we mentioned we would be out of their way come early morning. Interesting enough they managed to get a Toyota Corolla out there!   

Does Cabezas Water Tower San Diego Overland

 (Leaving Camp, Dos Cabezas Water Tower)

Slots Canyon Anza Borrego San Diego Overland

(It is sad to see some sights ruined by others). 

Fish Creek Wash Anza Borrego San Diego Overland

(Fish Creek Wash). 

 Slots Canyon Anza Borrego San Diego Overland

 (Several tight squeeze locations in varying difficulties). 

San Diego Overland Anza Borrego

(Second Day, Regrouping After breaking the group into four teams). 



To Be Continued...