Ford 10 Inch Reverse Shot Peened 4.86 Ring and Pinion Nitro Pro Nitro Gear And Axle

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These 10 inch Nitro Pro Gears are manufactured from 9310 forgings for maximum strength in competition/race vehicles. These gears are not intended for daily driven vehicles as they have a shorter life span relating to their wear characteristics.
Tech notes:

  • Works with Gear Works High Pinion 10 inch and Mega Hi9
  • 9.5/10 inch Nitro Pro Gears generally require an aftermarket housing with sufficient clearance for the larger diameter ring gear.
  • An aftermarket yoke will be required as these gears use a larger 35 spline pinion shaft than a standard 9 inch gearset
  • A different pinion support and bearings are needed to work with the larger diameter pinion shaft.
  • The cut on these gears is engineered for maximum strength and often these gears will run with significant noise compared with a traditional 9 inch gearset. This is normal for these gears as they are intended for competition use.
  • Warranty: Pro Gears are intended for Racing Fits and do not have a warranty as a result.


  • Differential: Ford 10 Inch
  • Gear Ratio: 4.86
  • Tooth Count: 34/7
  • Pinion Splines: 35
  • Ring Gear Bolts: 10 - Dual Drilled